Who We Are

Making sure power is always on for a world that’s never off

At ZincFive, we’ve built our company and our products to treat every problem as mission-critical and every solution as critically important. That’s why all of our nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries are real-world trusted across industries and infrastructures — supplying safe, uninterruptible power in a design that’s not only green but recyclable. Now that’s The Power of Good Chemistry.

  • Immediate Power

    Higher power density and energy efficiency

  • Safe

    Nickel-zinc is non-flammable and exhibits no thermal runaway

  • Reliable

    Highly reliable electrochemistry

  • Sustainable

    100% recyclable and low carbon footprint

Industries We Serve

Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

Data Centers

Protect vital data with safe, reliable power

Engine Starting

Reliable, hassle-free starting batteries for industrial engines


Enabling safer roads, intersections, and travelers 24/7


Assured uptime for mission-critical IT

Future Markets

Industrial starting, EV charging, grid buffering, and utility backup

  • BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets
  • ZincFive nickel-zinc monobloc battery that is safe, powerful, reliable and sustainable Monobloc Batteries
  • ZincFive nickel-zinc cyclinderical batteries that are safe, powerful, reliable and sustainable Cylindrical Cells

Awards & Recognition