Work That Makes a Positive Impact

At ZincFive, our mission is to harness The Power of Good Chemistry to drive the world forward. Every member of our team has a meaningful role in building a brighter future with technology that uplifts businesses, people, and the planet.

Woman placing UPStealth product into place

We’re more than just a battery company. We deliver innovative power solutions that are raising the standard for battery technology in a variety of essential and emerging markets. Our patented nickel-zinc technology is the most sustainable, safe, and reliable battery chemistry on the market. We design our technology for mission-critical applications, including data centers, utilities, transportation, electric vehicle charging, and so much more.

Technology is what we do, but people are why we do it. That’s why we lead with people-first core values: accountability, action, and accommodation. We hold one another accountable to our mission and take courageous action to build a better world. Most importantly, we go above and beyond to accommodate our customers with exceptional service and innovative solutions.


Good Chemistry Is at Our Core

Good chemistry is the core of ZincFive technology, but it’s also the heart of our culture. We’ve built a team of passionate, driven individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world.

From product development and engineering to sales and communications, our diverse skillsets come together around a common goal: to build a better, more sustainable world with innovative technology. Wondering if you have the right chemistry for our team? We’re looking for highly motivated team players with a passion for sustainable technology.

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