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Powerful nickel-zinc battery chemistry with no tradeoffs

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The Power of Good Chemistry works when you need it most

  • Powerful

    Higher power density than alternative battery chemistries

  • Safe

    Non-flammable, non-hazardous, and no thermal runaway

  • Reliable

    Weak or depleted nickel-zinc cells remain conductive, providing highly reliable battery string operation

  • Sustainable

    Fully recyclable and low carbon footprint

Battery technology is vital to meet the growing global demand for power. Uplifting technology harnesses electrochemistry that is good for business, good for people, and good for the planet. Good chemistry isn’t just effective. It’s efficient without compromising on safety, reliability, the environment, or your bottom line. At ZincFive, our patented nickel-zinc electrochemistry sets a higher standard for battery technology that not only meets today’s growing power demands, but does so safely and sustainably.

Monobloc Battery

In 1901, Thomas Edison was awarded a U.S. patent for a nickel-zinc battery. He was intrigued by its high energy density, efficiency, and temperature tolerance advantages compared to other chemistries, but he was never able to apply the technology commercially due to poor cycle life. This well-known “Achille’s heel” of the NiZn battery persisted for over a century even with sustained development efforts by the best battery companies in the world.

Almost 100 years later an exciting breakthrough in advanced electrolyte formulation was developed by PowerGenix that enabled a significant increase in battery cycle life. This groundbreaking discovery and subsequent electrode integration are now the core technology of ZincFive’s electrochemistry, and the cornerstone of the company’s battery and product solutions portfolio.

The power of good chemistry.

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