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Nickel-zinc UPS technology for intelligent transportation systems

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signalized intersection with nickel-zinc UPS
The Problem

Always-on ITS need safe, reliable battery backup alternatives

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are responsible for keeping drivers and pedestrians safe with traffic signals, street lights, and safety alerts. They also provide insightful data around traffic patterns, congestion, and safety risks. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential to help minimize safety concerns during power outages.

Unfortunately, many battery chemistries can be harmful to residents and the environment. Transportation systems are also susceptible to the elements, so the UPS must be designed to endure extreme weather. The ITS market is in need of safe and sustainable UPS technology, with no tradeoffs in reliability, safety, or performance.

ZincFive nickel-zinc monobloc & cyclinderical batteries that are safe, powerful, reliable and sustainable
The solution

Why nickel-zinc?

Nickel-zinc electrochemistry competes with other battery technologies while delivering safer, more sustainable, and instantaneous power for ITS applications.

Cabinet Optimization

Nickel-zinc batteries offer high power density that delivers small form factors for flexible installation options.


Our nickel-zinc batteries do not exhibit thermal runaway, are non-flammable and made with no hazardous materials.


Our products are built to perform in harsh weather, with no routine maintenance and a long operating shelf life.


Nickel-zinc UPS technology supports community sustainability efforts with small carbon footprint and easy-to-recycle materials.

UPStealth® 2

Our patented nickel-zinc battery technology offers low-maintenance, long-life power designed for intelligent transportation systems. UPStealth® is the only uninterruptible power supply for intelligent transportation systems and signalized intersections with safe, sustainable technology built to endure harsh weather.

  • Cabinet optimization
  • No periodic maintenance
  • No hazardous materials
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