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Reliable, hassle-free nickel-zinc industrial engine starting batteries

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Reliable starting batteries for mission-critical genset applications

Generators are typically used as a primary power source of power in remote locations or as a last resort in mission critical backup applications. In either case, the generator can’t provide needed power if the engine doesn’t start. The ability for generators that act as primary power or last resort in mission critical situations is gated by the availability and reliability of the starting batteries.


ZincFive nickel-zinc monobloc battery
The Solution

Why nickel-zinc?

ZincFive’s nickel-zinc battery technology provides immediate power when called upon, ensuring the engine starts every time, without fail. Providing the high power and reliability required for mission critical starting applications.


High power density provides more power in less space – 75% smaller than comparable lead-acid starter batteries 


Long life cuts cost of battery replacements and truck rolls – backed by a full 10-year warranty


Fully recyclable with lifetime GHG emissions 96% to 98% lower than comparable performance lead-acid batteries

Low Maintenance

Sealed battery with no watering necessary


SENS SuperTorque 8Z Genset Starting System

SENS USA – a leader in the genset charger market – has developed a plug and play starting module solution built on ZincFive’s nickel-zinc monobloc batteries.  With integrated charger, alarms, ports and terminals, a single 24-volt SuperTorque 8Z GSS replaces up to four 8D lead-acid starting batteries.  Learn more about the SuperTorque 8Z GSS on the SENS website.

  • More power in less space

  • Safe and sustainable battery technology

  • Unparalleled total cost of ownership

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