ZincFive Joins the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)

ZincFive® continues to lead in ESG through pursuit of the highest supply chain standards.

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PORTLAND, Oregon—(April, 2022)—Today, ZincFive, the world leader in nickel-zinc battery-based solutions, announced it has joined the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), as part of the company’s continued commitment to safeguard human rights, communities impacted by mining, and the broader environment.

IRMA works to advance responsible mining practices, providing third-party verification and certification against comprehensive environmental and social criteria for all mined materials. The global standard was developed over 10 years, in consultation with more than 100 stakeholder groups including mining companies, affected communities, NGOs, labor groups and purchasing companies using mined materials.

Membership in the initiative is the latest development in ZincFive’s commitment to promote ESG standards within the company for the benefit of all stakeholders. ZincFive’s nickel-zinc batteries have a significantly lower end-to-end climate impact than lead-acid and lithium batteries, as validated by an expert third-party analysis. By joining IRMA, ZincFive is committing to source from mines assessed through IRMA in the future, thereby emphasizing the importance of responsible social and governance practices, in addition to its leading position as a manufacturer of sustainable battery solutions.

“Everything that goes into our products throughout the supply chain must follow our commitment to sustainability and human rights protection,” said ZincFive CEO and Co-Founder Tim Hysell. “Joining IRMA helps us achieve our goal of addressing worldwide environmental, social, and governance concerns and impacting the world in positive ways.”

“We welcome ZincFive’s membership in IRMA,” said Aimee Boulanger, Executive Director of IRMA. “We are encouraged to see a growing momentum throughout the supply chain as more purchasers make it clear they seek transparency and continuous improvement at the mine site.”

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