ZincFive Enters Mexico with its Unrivaled Alternative to Lead-Acid Battery Backup Systems

ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 products become the only nickel-zinc uninterruptible power supplies to be offered for transportation systems in Mexico

ZincFive nickel-zinc UPS for signalized intersections & ITS


PORTLAND, Oregon—(June, 2021)— ZincFive, the world leader in nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries and solutions, today announced its entry into Mexico with its UPStealth 2 products, designed to provide uninterruptible, reliable, and eco-friendly power to the country’s traffic intersections.

UPStealth 2 products

UPStealth 2 products

“We are excited to now be able to offer our game-changing UPStealth 2 products to municipalities across Mexico,” said Jeff McAleer, Vice President of Sales for Transportation, ZincFive. “Mexico’s largest cities are experiencing rapid population growth, which means more demand for power. Utilities have, therefore, started implementing random rotating outages to maintain stability in the electric power grid. In the event of a power outage, ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 uninterruptible power supplies ensure these intersections don’t go dark and put drivers in danger.”

ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 uninterruptible power supply is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, unlike most lead-acid systems, according to McAleer. The temperature inside traffic cabinets can often reach up to 60°F more than the ambient temperature, he said. In Mexico, ambient temperatures can climb past 105°F (40°C), which means inside the cabinets, it could reach up to 165°F or more. Heat is the enemy of all batteries. However, it is particularly harsh on most lead-acid batteries designed to operate at ~77°F. Every 10 – 15 degrees above that may reduce their life by half. Not the case for NiZn batteries.

“NiZn batteries are warranted to last 5 years and may remain viable for up to 10 years or more, in a traffic intersection application with no required maintenance, whereas lead-acid batteries may need to be changed out in hot climates in as few as 18 months, even with required preventative maintenance,” said McAleer. “Technicians love to install our products because they can basically ‘set it and forget it.’ NiZn batteries are compact and designed to fit inside existing cabinets. They are also very lightweight, unlike lead-acid batteries, which can weigh up to 100 pounds or more.”

Additionally, it is very expensive anywhere in the world to send technicians out to perform routine maintenance. In Mexico, it often costs more than USD 500 every time a technician and truck are sent to an intersection, according to McAleer.

“There are almost 70,000 signalized intersections in Mexico’s largest cities. When utilizing lead acid-based UPS systems, each one will require maintenance at least 3-4 times per year. Add that up over 5 years, and it can become prohibitively expensive.” McAleer said. “ZincFive’s NiZn batteries on average last 10+ years, so we can offer a total cost of ownership that is 35-40% less than lead-acid over just the first five years. That’s a substantial savings.”

Recently, ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 products were awarded Mexico’s Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) certification, which ensures they are safe to install for the intended purpose, will perform as intended, and meet all the technical specifications and regulations customers in Mexico expect.

“NOM certification is a very significant achievement for ZincFive because it represents our already-proven ability to manufacture to the highest safety standards and will continue to set us apart from the competition as more industries make the shift to reliable and sustainable battery power technologies,” said McAleer.

If you work for a transportation agency looking for far more cost-effective, longer-lasting, safer, and much more eco-friendly battery systems for your intersections, email Jeff McAleer, VP Sales, ZincFive, jmcaleer@zincfive.com, and let us help you ‘get the lead out.

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