Nickel-zinc uninterruptible power supply for mission-critical IT

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Mission-critical IT requires scalable UPS solutions

Mission-critical IT relies on uninterruptible power for technology that saves lives, provides essential goods, and protects vital information. IT centers need UPS solutions designed for small to midsize operations, and they can’t afford costly tradeoffs in reliability or safety.

Growing demand for sustainable business practices and supply chains is also encouraging IT departments to partner with technology companies that offer sustainable solutions. Our nickel-zinc technology is safe and sustainable, while offering competitive reliability and power advantages.

ZincFive nickel-zinc monobloc & cyclinderical batteries that are safe, powerful, reliable and sustainable

Why nickel-zinc?

Nickel-zinc electrochemistry performs at or above other battery technologies while delivering safer, more sustainable, and instantaneous power.

Power Density

Power density delivers the industry’s smallest energy storage footprint.


Nickel-zinc is non-flammable and exhibits no thermal runaway.


Weak or depleted nickel-zinc cells remain conductive, providing continuous battery string operation.


Nickel-zinc batteries are fully recyclable and have a low carbon footprint.

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