Introducing Z5 13-90: the Next Generation Ultra-High-Rate Nickel-Zinc Battery 

November 7, 2023
Z5 13-90 nickel-zinc battery

In our modern, always-on electrified world, the demand for reliable and sustainable battery storage solutions is paramount to ensure the continued operation of critical facilities like data centers and other high power related applications. Nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries are the welcome alternative to traditional energy storage technologies. NiZn batteries have proven themselves as the safe, powerful, and trustworthy choice for the future. Moreover, in an era where sustainability has become a top priority for major markets and corporations, nickel-zinc battery technology has established itself as a leading contender, challenging the dominance of its predecessors, lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. This shift marks a significant transition towards a more sustainable and efficient energy storage landscape.  

Today, ZincFive is introducing an upgraded and more powerful addition to our battery portfolio – the Z5 13-90. The Z5 13-90 battery unlocks greater potential for our customers, whether their focus is on maximizing power and footprint or on extending runtimes and energy capacity.  

This ultra-high-rate battery, while maintaining the same case size as our previous generation, now delivers even greater energy and power, thanks to a boost in both amp-hour capacity and maximum current carrying capability. The Z5 13-90 uses the same NiZn chemistry that has been delivering best-in-class power density, as well as superior safety and sustainability, for over 10 years.

The energy and mission critical markets are constantly searching for ways to put more power, more computing, more energy, in a smaller footprint.  

We’ve paid close attention to our customers’ input as well as industry trends and recognized that driving meaningful innovation in battery technology necessitated an increase in power density. With nickel-zinc’s stable and safe base chemistry, we confidently pushed beyond previous limits to help our customers advance. What the market really needed was greater amp-hour capacity in the same monobloc footprint. The Z5 13-90 ultra-high-rate battery offers our customers a 50% increase in maximum current throughput with no change in size or shape.

ZincFive nickel-zinc monobloc batteries

ZincFive will continue to manufacture both battery products: the Z5 13-80 and the Z5 13-90. Among them, the Z5 13-90 holds a distinctive position as one of the most power-dense monoblocs available in the market. This product is tailored to cater to the needs of customers who prioritize power density and space optimization. The availability of both battery products enhances the versatility of solutions we can offer to our valued customers.  

Our customers can tap into more possibilities with the Z5 13-90 battery, whether they aim to maximize power and save space or extend runtimes and boost energy capacity. 

Want to learn about our NiZn batteries, ZincFive created an explainer video that covers the advantages behind our remarkable chemistry. Discover the key factors that contribute to NiZn’s exceptional power, safety, reliability, and sustainability – qualities that render it an ideal technology for mission critical applications and beyond.