Applying Uninterruptible Power Supplies To Intelligent Transportation Systems

This webinar provides CEC/TARP credits pertaining to becoming IMSA Certified for Traffic Signals. Training will be conducted around ZincFive’s expertise in uninterruptible power supplies.


  • What is a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Why is a UPS important
  • UPS Types
  • Power Conversion
  • Battery Education
  • Battery Types
  • Traffic Cabinets
  • Run times
  • Guide to sizing and selecting the best UPS for your traffic applications

Information for Submitting IMSA CEC Personal Log

Use the below information to complete your IMSA CEC Personal Log once you watched the webinar. If you do not have the Log to fill out your credits, you can locate it at

Program Date: The date you watched the webinar

Hours: 1

Course/Program Title: Applying Uninterruptible Power Supplies to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Instructor Name: Dan Sisson

Company: ZincFive

Traffic intersection with the nickel-zinc battery backup system

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