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UPStealth Technology Powers Innovative World-Class Traffic Signals Program

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ZincFive nickel-zinc UPS for backing up signalized intersections & ITS.


When Utah received the nod to host the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) began creating what is now a national model for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Fiber optic installations connected over 90 percent of the state-operated traffic signals, enabling UDOT to remotely monitor and adjust each signal.

Following the Olympics, Utah’s stunning landscapes, recreational activities, and friendly business climate began attracting thousands of new residents each year. Because 80 percent of Utah’s three million residents live in an area 100 miles long and five miles wide, UDOT leaders challenged the department to develop a world-class ITS to accommodate growing traffic congestion concerns.

ZincFive nickel-zinc UPS for backing up signalized intersections & ITS.


UDOT launched several innovative programs including Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures, showing real-time traffic light function, and an Emergency Response Plan, which includes when and where to deploy an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UDOT chose the UPStealth® for its safe nickel-zinc electrochemistry, wide operating temperature range, minimal maintenance, and flexibility to fit into existing traffic cabinets.


UDOT deployed the UPStealth® at complex interchanges, high daily traffic intersections, roads where speed approaches are high, and where train and vehicle traffic connect. ZincFive was awarded a five-year contract with UDOT and is continuing to support its goal of building a world-class traffic signals program, providing greater mobility and safety to Utah’s growing population.

  • Reduced vehicle delays and crashes
  • Uninterruptible power in temperature extremes
  • UPStealth® integrated with UDOT’s system-wide, real-time communications

“Innovation, creativity, risk and increased transparency are necessary to meet society’s growing transportation needs. A part of any traffic signal management plan should be consideration of where to deploy an uninterruptible power supply, so mobility is optimized and conditions are safe. This strategy has allowed UDOT to do more with less, focusing our resources on the areas of most need and to more effectively prioritize resources and workload.” Mark Taylor, UDOT Lead Signal Operations and Maintenance Engineer

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UPStealth® 2

Our patented nickel-zinc battery technology offers low-maintenance, long-life power designed for intelligent transportation systems. UPStealth® is the only uninterruptible power supply for intelligent transportation systems and signalized intersections with safe, sustainable technology built to endure harsh weather.

  • Cabinet optimization
  • No periodic maintenance
  • No hazardous materials
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