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UPStealth Remote Monitoring Tracks Secluded Intersections

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ZincFive nickel-zinc UPS for backing up signalized intersections & ITS.


Biggs Junction is a highway interchange located in a remote area of central Oregon. The junction is known for heavy traffic and narrow lanes frequented by big rigs and travelers unfamiliar with the area. Central Oregon is no stranger to harsh weather including strong winds, freezing temperatures in winter, and blazing heat in the summer, creating a dangerous area for drivers. In fact, the interchange ramps were so narrow that heavy trucks had difficulty staying in their lanes.

The remote nature of the junction meant that the closest Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) crew is three hours away should any concerns arise. ODOT traffic studies indicated that if no improvements were made to Biggs Junction, they would soon result in vehicle backups down the entire length of the off-ramps and onto I-84.

ZincFive nickel-zinc UPS for backing up signalized intersections & ITS.


ODOT invested in a $14.5 million road improvement project that included the installation of three new traffic signals. Due to the harsh weather and remote nature of the newly signalized Biggs Junction, ZincFive nickel-zinc UPStealth® proved to be the optimal backup battery solution to ensure that traffic lights were in constant operation. UPStealth® was the first environmentally-friendly, nickel-zinc uninterruptible power supply (UPS) used by ODOT.

“This looks like a win-win all the way around. The UPStealth® is quick and easy. It looks like it is superior, actually fitting inside the existing traffic signal controller cabinet. With less stuff on the street there is less maintenance and less chance it will get hit. There should be less cost and a longer battery life, and that appeals to our retrofit projects.” Scott Cramer, ODOT Traffic Signal Engineer


ODOT crews tested UPStealth® by shutting off power at Biggs Junction, and the UPStealth® immediately engaged, keeping the signals operating without any interruption. Once confident the UPStealth® provided the necessary backup power, ODOT turned utility power back on to the cabinet. The UPStealth® then monitored the utility power to ensure its quality.

  • 3 UPStealth® installations
  • High performance in extreme weather
  • Remote monitoring for ODOT

“The switch on at our Biggs Junction interchange was flawless. We shut off power and the UPStealth® immediately switched on, just as they said it would. It was easy to test and the screen showed the system status, the wattage the system was using, and estimated time of battery backup.” Laura Wilson, ODOT Lead Technician for the Traffic Systems Service Unit

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UPStealth® 2

Our patented nickel-zinc battery technology offers low-maintenance, long-life power designed for intelligent transportation systems. UPStealth® is the only uninterruptible power supply for intelligent transportation systems and signalized intersections with safe, sustainable technology built to endure harsh weather.

  • Cabinet optimization
  • No periodic maintenance
  • No hazardous materials
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