UPStealth Solves Intermittent Power and Reliability Issues

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Atlanta traffic intersection with nickel-zinc UPS


With more than five million residents, Atlanta, Georgia is the third fastest growing metro area in the nation. Faced with aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, and intermittent power outages, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) needed smart, innovative battery technology that could fit into existing battery cabinets at old and high-traffic intersections.

In an effort to correct issues with reliability and intermittent power, GDOT created the Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP) to integrate smart, disruptive technology into Atlanta’s busiest arterial roadways.

Traffic cabinet with the nickel-zinc battery backup system


The RTOP program chose to replace lead-acid UPS with ZincFive nickel-zinc UPStealth® due to its easy installation, minimal maintenance, reliability, and sustainability. The UPStealth® was first tested at an intersection with a lead-acid battery UPS that was failing to maintain signal operation during power quality issues. After successful testing, UPStealth® was integrated into 23 other challenging locations, including intersections at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the upscale Buckhead retail area.


The compact design of UPStealth® batteries fit inside Atlanta’s existing cabinets between the cabinet rack and shell, saving costly installation of additional cabinets. UPStealth® continuously monitors sine waves, actively filters power, and provides reliable battery backup support. The ability to remotely monitor UPS performance is helping local jurisdictions identify and repair problems to help keep people safe.

  • 23 installations in Atlanta, GA
  • Flexible design fit into existing cabinets
  • More reliability than previous lead-acid UPS

“When you start having the conversation about autonomous and connected vehicles, reliance on an infrastructure that stays powered 100 percent of the time has absolutely never been more critical. When we tested the UPStealth®, we picked an intersection that already had a lead-acid battery backup installed, but that lead-acid UPS wasn’t working. There were failures due to brownouts and dirty power. When we popped in the UPStealth® unit, it immediately improved the intersection reliability and eliminated failures due to power. We no longer have power issues wherever nickel-zinc UPStealth® is installed. We had some very problematic intersections and the UPStealth® immediately cleaned up the issues.” Jason Lewis, GDOT Project Manager with Brooks-Berry-Haynie & Associates

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UPStealth® 2

Our patented nickel-zinc battery technology offers low-maintenance, long-life power designed for intelligent transportation systems. UPStealth® is the only uninterruptible power supply for intelligent transportation systems and signalized intersections with safe, sustainable technology built to endure harsh weather.

  • Cabinet optimization
  • No periodic maintenance
  • No hazardous materials
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