Reliability & Safety for Fort Worth, Texas with Multiple UPStealth 2 Integrations

July 25, 2022
Traffic cabinet with door open, showing UPStealth 2 UPS

ZincFive’s UPStealth® 2 battery backup systems keep Fort Worth’s citizens safe at signalized intersections with busy railroad crossings by ensuring they never go dark. 19 of the city’s signalized intersections with railroad crossings are now backed up with a safe, fast, reliable, and green battery backup system.


The railroad arrived in Fort Worth, Texas in 1876. Due to centuries-long railroad development through the city, today, Fort Worth is one of the busiest and most important train thoroughfares in Texas. With more railroad gate crossings at signalized intersections per capita than any other city its size in Texas, safety has always been a primary concern. It is essential that the intersections with at least one leg crossing over the train tracks be equipped with a reliable, safe, and fast charging battery backup system in case there is a power outage.


When the city’s Transportation and Public Works Department began its Railroad Safety Program in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), upgrading mission-critical signal and battery backup systems at the same time made sense.


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