2023 Highlights: Product Launches, Partnerships and Good Chemistry  

December 21, 2023
2023 recap

Across the data center industry, 2023 brought sustainable backup power solutions into the spotlight. Industry-wide conversations and events placed renewed priority on technologies that balance safety, cost efficiencies, and environmental impact. As the effects of climate change become more severe, milestones from COP28 to rising private sector commitments gave momentum to accelerate the adoption of cleaner, safer backup capacity.  

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to highlight ZincFive’s major achievements, milestones, and collaborations that made the year such a success!   

Breakthrough Products Offer Unmatched Power Density 

This year, we proudly launched two new product offerings within the BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet lineup: the BC 2 – 500 and the BC 2 – 300X. We also announced a new ultra-high-rate battery, the Z5 13-90, which will power the new battery cabinet models.   

The latest BC 2 – 500 and BC 2 – 300X products demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering the most compact footprint per kilowatt, showcasing consistent advancements with each new release, and surpassing the already industry-leading footprint of ZincFive’s original BC 2 battery cabinet.

Both new models are powered by a new ultra-high-rate monobloc battery from ZincFive – the Z5 13-90. This ultra-high-rate battery, while maintaining the same case size as its predecessor, now delivers even greater energy and power thanks to a boost in both amp-hour capacity and a remarkable 50% increase in maximum current carrying capability.

We also expanded our presence in the electric vehicle (EV) charging and microgrid markets through our EV Charging solution collaborations with Kaizen Clean Energy (KCE) and Advanced Power & Energy (AP&E).  

Joining Forces with Industry Leaders 

This year cemented ZincFive’s status as the go-to provider for sustainable backup power solutions as we formed major partnerships with globally recognized leaders across critical industries. In October, electrification and automation technology leader ABB added ZincFive as an approved supplier, allowing ABB to deliver UPS systems that include safe, green ZincFive NiZn battery solutions.  

ABB adds ZincFive as an approved supplier

ZincFive and ABB Work Together to Bring Safe, Sustainable Energy Storage to the Data Center UPS Market 

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ZincFive also signed an agreement to license our nickel-zinc-based UPS technology to Econolite, part of Umovity and the leader in One-Stop-Shop advanced traffic management solutions. Econolite will have worldwide rights to manufacture, sell, and service ZincFive’s industry-leading nickel-zinc based UPS technology to the intelligent transportation market. This global reach will use our safe, reliable, and sustainable technology to improve mobility worldwide 

Industry Awards Honor Pioneering Innovation 

This year, we were honored to have our technology, innovations and sustainability leadership recognized by awards from Mission Critical Magazine and S&P Global. We won the 2023 Mission Critical Magazine Top Tier Product Award in the UPS Systems category for our BC 2 UPS Battery Cabinet. The BC 2 Battery Cabinet was selected for the unparalleled power density, reliability, industry-leading footprint, and unmatched safety it offers in UPS applications for data centers and other mission-critical environments.   

ZinFive wins Mission Critical Top Tier Product Award for BC 2 Battery Cabinet

ZincFive Wins Mission Critical 2023 Top Tier Product Award in the UPS Category

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We were also named a finalist for the S&P Global 2023 Platts Global Energy Awards, with our BC Series Battery Cabinets competing for the title of Commercial Technology of the Year. As we continue our work to pioneer safer, cleaner backup power solutions, accolades like these validate our progress and push us to keep raising the bar to realize our vision of a more sustainable future. 


This year, we announced a strategic partnership with Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC). The capital investment will provide ZincFive up to $80 million via a term loan to fuel the company’s global commercial adoption in existing and new markets, including mission-critical applications in data centers, industrial engine starting, and other high-power energy storage markets. This collaboration will accelerate global channel development, advance the company’s new product pipeline, and expedite the establishment of US-based high-volume production capacity to meet customer demand.  

zincfive press release thumbnail

ZincFive Closes an $80 Million Capital Partnership with Orion Infrastructure Capital

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ZincFive also expanded in two ways: geographically into Europe, and as a team ending the year with many more faces than it began! We’re thrilled to have added so many talented, enthusiastic professionals to our mission this year. We’re growing fast – if you’re interested in an exciting career that helps make the world more sustainable, check out our open positions. Watch what our team has to say about life at ZincFive! 

In conclusion, 2023 was an incredible year for ZincFive, and we couldn’t have done it without support from our partners, customers, and of course, our growing team. This is a testament to the Power of Good Chemistry, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 holds!